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Schezwan Chutney

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•Fresh ingredients made using the best produce.
•This product is vegetarian.
•Contains no artificial ingredients.
•Ethically sourced ingredients.
•Store in a cool & dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

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Product Description

Arbhav Foods Schezwan Chutney is the most versatile chutney ever! You can use it as a dip or a spread and even cook with it. On its own it becomes a spicy dip for snacks like fries, pakoras and bhajiya or starters like spring rolls. Spread it on anything - from dosa and vada pav to paratha and pizza - to add some extra zing. Cook Schezwan dishes like fried rice, chowmein, tikkas or biriyani with a few scoops of this fiery Schezwani tadka.A perfect blend of Flavour, Taste & Purity. Chutney has become India's most popular Desi Chinese flavour found across all kinds of dishes. Arbhav Foods has blended fiery Sichuan peppers and pungent garlic to create the most versatile Schezwan Chutney ever. It can add a mouth-watering Schezwani tadka to any dish! Spread it on dosas, uttapams, vada-pav, rolls, omelettes, sandwiches or pizzas for extra heat. And as a cooking sauce, it can be used in many other kinds of dishes like Fried Rice, Chowmein, Tikkas, etc. This sauce is made with the finest quality ingredients and hygienically packed to retain the freshness over a longer period of time. So go ahead, buy Arbhav Foods Secret Schezwan Chutney online today!

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