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Kitchen King Masala

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Form                             Powder
Usage/Application        Spices
Shelf Life                      12 MONTHS
Purity                            100%

Category Blended Spices
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Product Description

Introducing our aromatic Kitchen king Masala! An authentic blend of Indian spices, this masala is a true embodiment of  Indian flavors. Made with a superior selection of ingredients like coriander, black pepper, cumin, and others, our Kitchen king Masala will pamper your dishes with a mesmerizing aroma and an unforgettable taste. No extraneous additives, just pure spices, grounded at low temperatures for that full-bodied flavor in every sprinkle!
•    Cherish an authentic mix of specially selected top-quality spices.
•    Crafted to enhance the flavor profile and richness of your dishes.
•    Grounded at low temperatures to preserve the natural goodness and taste.
•    Easy to use, saving you the hassle of individually blending spices.
•    Can contribute to an increased metabolic rate due to the natural properties of the spices.
•    Keeps your meals fresh and flavourful, reminiscent of traditional home-cooked meals.
•    Cut down cooking time significantly, ideal for working individuals.

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