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Turmeric Powder

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Form                             Powder
Usage/Application        Spices
Shelf Life                      12 MONTHS
Purity                            100%

Category Powdered Spices
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Product Description

Arbhav sources raw turmeric directly from the farmers. The raw turmeric is then carefully selected by experts, which are then traditionally sun-dried and thoroughly cleaned to get a turmeric powder that is perfectly balanced in colour and taste. The automated packaging and processing with no added flavours and colours, Arbhav Turmeric Powder is naturally golden. It is so potent that even a tiny quantity enhances the colour and flavour of the dish. So, add a pinch of this turmeric powder to bring alive the vibrant colour and authentic taste of your food.
Its high nutritional value is partly due to its content of curcumin, a very powerful active ingredient. Many other active molecules participate in the virtues and properties of this extraordinary spice. This is why people all over India prefer to buy Arbhav Turmeric Powder online.

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